ProClear+ can be used in a variety of applications

Suggested uses for ProClear+

black spot mould

Cleaning Black Spot Mould

cleaning driveways

Cleaning Driveways

cleaning walkways

Cleaning Walkways

cleaning paving

Cleaning Paving

cleaning synthetic grass

Cleaning Synthetic Grass

cleaning concrete roof tiles

Cleaning Roof Tiles (concrete & ceramic)

cleaning bricks

Cleaning Bricks

cleaning sandstone

Cleaning Sandstone

cleaning garden sculpture

Cleaning Garden Sculptures

swimming pools areas

Cleaning Swimming Pools Areas

cleaning bathrooms

Cleaning Bathrooms

cleaning grout

Cleaning Grout

cleaning tobacco stains

Cleaning Tobacco Stains

cleaning boats

Cleaning Boats

canopy cleaning

Cleaning Canopies

cleaning painted surfaces

Cleaning Painted Surfaces

cleaning walls

Cleaning Walls

cleaning eaves

Cleaning Eaves

cleaning timber fence

Cleaning Timber Fences

powder coated fence cleaning

Cleaning Powder Coated Fences

patio cleaning

Cleaning Patio Structure

Cleaning –

  • Clean mould (Black Spot)
  • Clean mildew
  • Clean moss
  • Clean algae

Preventing –

  • Stops mould from re-spawning
  • Reduces fungus and mould growth
  • Removing soiling, mould, moss and green slime
  • Extends time between applications

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