How To Use ProClear+

Made with a gentle but effective formula allowing it to perform to eliminate contaminants without damaging surfaces or our environment

A 20% solution of ProClear+ should be made in a watering can or bucket. Brush away any obvious soiling. Apply ProClear+ liberally over the whole area.

Work the solution well into all surfaces using a hard brush or rotary scrubber. Pay particular attention to edges, corners and joints.

After application, brush away all remaining dirt and hose down. Leave the surfaces for at least 15 minutes. Further, brush off and rinse/hose down. Leave for a further 15 minutes to air dry. For particularly stubborn soiling, repeat the application if necessary.

As with most cleaning, regular attention is easier and less costly in the long run. Application as above, twice yearly (spring and autumn are best), will keep algae and moss under control in most situations.

Pressure Washer Application

ProClear+ can be used in pressure washers, but to avoid excessive foaming a lower concentration of 10% is recommended. Remove any residual soiling with a hard brush and hose down. Pressure wash-down. Brush away any residual soiling and hose down. Leave to air dry. Repeat the whole process.

Finally, apply a 20% solution of ProClear+ using a fine mist trigger spray.

ProClear+ Available in:

750ml 20% Spray – Box of 12
5L Concentrate
20L Concentrate
200L Concentrate
1000L IBC Concentrate

For Concentrate, please read dilution instructions and follow PPE directions.

Manufactured to ISO9001 & ISO13485.

Patio Slabs

Most patio slabs are made of porous materials, usually light in colour, which attracts dirt, algae and moss.

Over time the slabs can become unsightly and be dangerously slippery when wet. As features in gardens, paths or barbecue areas and other relaxing areas, they may well become unattractive and inconvenient.

Deterioration is unavoidable in outside environments. Evolve Scientific Products has researched the problem in depth. By using ProClear+ it is possible to treat patio slabs and other features, to a very high standard, also controlling further growth of algae and moss.

Black Spot Mould

Brush or wipe the infected area with a clean cloth. When all surfaces are totally dry, apply a 20% solution of ProClear+ using a fine mist trigger spray. A larger spray system can be used where there is a big area to be cleaned. Leave to air dry naturally for at least 4 hours or until totally dry.

black spot mold killer
Dirty patio
Clean patio ProClear+

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