Bio Film Remover & Surface Protector Cleaning System

In these modern times of mass transportation around the globe and the increased access of people to large spaces such as –

  • Hospitals/Nursing Homes
  • Offices
  • Educational Establishments
  • Public Spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Trains, Buses & Planes
  • Food Preparation & Manufacture
  • Military
  • Cruise Liners
  • Fast Food Establishments
  • Shopping Malls

We have seen a dramatic rise in bacterial and viral infections. We all have a duty of care to protect the world’s population from the exposure of unwanted bugs and the costs associated with illness both financial and personally.

ESP specialises in the distribution of purposely designed products for a variety of applications. Our partners can mix chemicals for scientifically cleaning, lubrication, removal of ATP and Biofilms, the food that Bacteria feed upon.

ESP is the exclusive Global Distributor for a revolutionary product, ProGuard+. An all in one cleaner. Yes but this solution is so, so much more.

ProGuard+ is an environment friendly multi surface cleaner being made from naturally sustainable resources and are biodegradable.
Our products are non-toxic and non-corrosive and can be safely used in a multitude of environments and on a multitude of surfaces and materials. Please read directions.
At ESP we strive, through continued research and development, to engineer products that are environment and ozone friendly and pose no risk or harm to the planet we all live on.

ProGuard+ A Revolutionary product designed to be the best for your cleaning and hygiene requirements

  • High quality
  • All surface application
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Organically engineered
  • Lasting protection
  • Cost effective

Reduce your cleaning costs

  • Save on time
  • Lower labour cost
  • Rapid action deep penetrating formular
  • Cleans, deodorises and protects
  • Tackle any surface including fabric
  • Removes the cost of buying different products
  • Long lasting proven surface shield repels dirt and germs
  • Surfaces stay cleaner for weeks longer
  • All in one sanitisation technology

Do not hesitate to contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our revolutionary products. We look forward to add to our product range in the coming months.

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