Long lasting protection against Bacteria and Infections

Cleans – With long lasting protection against Bacteria and Infections across a wide range of applications, including –

Infection Control Public Transport

Mass Transportation – Trains, Buses, Planes & Tubelines

Infection Control Schools Colleges

Schools & Colleges

Infection Control Gym Leisure

Gyms & Health Spas

Infection Control Hospital

Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Doctors Surgeries

Infection Control Farming

Farming & Animal Husbandry

Infection Control Veterinary

Vets, Pets & Equine

Infection Control Poultry

Poultry & Livestock

Infection Control Offices

Commercial Property Clean

Infection Control Swimming Pool

Leisure Complexes & Swimming Pools

Infection Control Public Space

Public Areas Where Infections Might Be Passed

150 Sanitising Wipes ProGuard
NEWProGuard+ is now available in handy 10% pre-treated sanitising wipes

Revolutionary ProGuard+ is available in the following formats –

10% Wipes

10% 750ml Spray Bottle

5L Concentrate Liquid

10L Concentrate Liquid

200L Concentrate Liquid

1000L IBC Concentrate Liquid

(Minimum order value will apply).

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Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our revolutionary products. We look forward to add to our product range in the coming months.

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